Your new PetBidder App is live!

Now you’ll be able to get more clients, at higher prices, with less effort.

Specifically designed for:

Pet sitters

Dog Walkers

Dog Trainers

Invisible Fence Companies

Pet Waste Pickup

Mobile Groomers

Mobile Groomers

We are not a CRM.

We will never be a CRM.

We have no plans to be a CRM.

We have no plans to be a CRM.

We are strictly a sales and bidding tool designed to enhance/optimize/automate your entire sales process.

It is quite the opposite in-fact. We are extremely excited to integrate with your favorite CRM or database.

Use PetBidder on the front end of your business to sell more work. Use your favorite CRM to do the work.

Use your favorite CRM to do:

-Live routing -Employee management

-Scheduling -Order Management

-Invoicing -Getting Paid

-Expense Tracking -Time Tracking

–GPS Trackin-Manage customer notes

-Client Hub -Employee Hour Tracking

-Customer Surveys

Use PetBidder to:

-Give the perfect proposal:

-In person

-Over the phone

-From your website

-Optimize your follow up

-Properly convey your value