The PetBidder 2-to-1 ROI Guarantee:

Because PetBidder so consistently pays for itself, we’re in a position to back it up with an unusual guarantee: We guarantee that it will earn at least twice what it costs you. To qualify, we just want to see that you’re trying. So this is what we expect of you:
1. Use PetBidder for all of your in-person bids for all services.
2. Display PetBidder prominently on your website so visitors can be easily funneled through the process of getting a bid.
3. Properly close out bids after the customer has made a decision.
4. Use the follow-up builder. Customize it for your company, then use it for at least 3 automatic followup emails in at least 3 different statuses.
That’s it.
As long as you’re doing those 4 things, we will credit you on a month-by-month basis until you are at least recuperating a 2 to 1 ROI.