PetBidder helpful graphics guide your customers and employees. You can adapt the wording of the titles and descriptions for your specific area and determine how your customers will interact with it. Don’t worry, your account comes loaded with all the defaults. You simply turn off or change whatever you want so you can use your own pricing strategy and lingo. You can actually use the simplicity to make your proposals way more powerful and more profitable!

We can build you a tailor-made module that is only for your business that would allow for automated bids that no other company on the planet would have access to. Ask us about our “Tailor-Made Modules” built with love by our development team specifically for your company.

PetBidder makes giving quotes as simple as collecting specifications about a job, running it through your pricing structure, and then building a beautiful proposal. Your staff can collect the specifications over the phone or in person. Once you feel comfortable running your quotes though PetBidder, you can even install PetBidder onto your website for customers to interact with.

Simply put, you can control how quickly and how often you follow up with your customers and leads. We have generic templates that you can use, and you can personalize them as much as possible. Pet owners usually treat their animals like kids, so you can customize your outreach to speak to the pet itself rather than the owner. When trying to convert leads, you can use whatever tools you want to make sure that they understand why your fencing is safe and reliable. Once you set up your configurations, the system will send out notices and responses automatically so that no one falls through the cracks.

Yes. Again, many people have a lot of questions about pet fencing in general, so you can make videos that show how your products work and why your invisible fences are better than the competition. Best of all, there are four different ways you can incorporate videos into your proposal. You can even link to YouTube or Vimeo for better synergy between sites. This way, you can answer a lot of pet fencing questions up front rather than on the back end, delivering more value to your customers.

Considering that many people have active spam filters, it’s usually better for you to use your personal email provider instead of generating different ones for each email. As such, PetBidder enables you to reach out to your pet fencing clients in the way that works best for you. Thus, if you want to use your own email, that will work perfectly. We can either run the emails through your SMTP credentials or directly into your Gmail account, depending on your needs.

When you schedule a job in PetBidder, you can have it automatically schedule the job in your Google Calendars. And if you need to move the event in Google Calendar later on, PetBidder will make all the necessary adjustments to your follow-up so you always look like the hero!

Yes, our system automatically adjusts to work on other devices. This way, if you are on site installing a pet or hidden fence, you can still manage your business and tools remotely so that you aren’t losing any productivity. Best of all, when dealing with your pet fencing customers, you can update their information on the fly as well.

PetBidder’s built-in automation will let you build out custom follow-up sequences. Then you can set timers for the templates. You can rest assured that all of your leads are staying warm and nurtured. You can also customize the templates for specific customers. In any case, the follow-up automation safety net will help you confidently know that your customers aren’t falling through the cracks. PetBidder’s auto follow-up uses emails, sms, and auto status changing that you can also use to remind you to make phone calls at certain points in the follow-up process.

Using the custom item area allows you to build out limitless, yet specific bids outside of PetBidder's native service modules. PetBidder even automatically templates any custom items your business has used in the past.

Sometimes prices aren’t cut and dried. PetBidder gives you the power to discount, upcharge, or set a specific price so that you have total control of the final outcome.

That depends on you. The purpose of this system is that it will not generate a proposal until you enter all of the required information. It’s up to you to determine what data you want to collect beforehand. With pet fencing, it can be as simple as square yardage, the size of the pet and the customer’s contact information. You can be as detailed as you like, which is what makes this system so unique and so powerful. Best of all, once you figure out what information is necessary to get a bid, you can update your tools so that it’s the same both in person or on your website.

PetBidder makes it a breeze to track stats like your close rate, average install price, and top-performing lead sources. Once you start running all your bids through PetBidder, not only will you easily be able to find and follow up with all of your leads—you’ll also open up a new window into your business! This will help you know what you never knew before! And you’ll know it at a glance. Without doing anything extra.

In this business, simplicity is an asset not a liability. However, if you are afraid that you are not delivering enough value to your customers, you can customize your proposals and bids however you want. Adding or subtract information regarding how your pet containment solutions work. Throw in any other pertinent data regarding your company. In the end, you can make your proposals as detailed or simplistic as you want. Change things after you figure out what works the best.

To make everything work smoothly, our system does use an API that we have created. Unfortunately, it is not open, meaning that you cannot make adjustments on your end. However, there are plenty of other software options out there that can utilize our API while still delivering any changes that you need to make. You can either connect it to our Zapier system and search for third-party programs, or you can find one yourself that will accept our API. For your convenience, we make all of the connections on our end, so you don’t have to worry about it. Ultimately, however, it may take a while to sync to other programs depending on the variables.

You certainly can add as many line items as you want to, without any limit. This will enable you to upsell peripheral items like collars, receivers, or other pet-related items that you may sell with your pet business. Convenience is always a major selling point, so the more you can offer your customers, the better chance you have of cultivating loyalty. Also, pet owners are usually adamant about getting the best for their animals. If you can provide excellent services, they will be more likely to buy extra items. That’s why this ability can be so profitable in the end. Best of all, we automatically template your bid so that you don’t have to make changes to each proposal.

To make things easier for you, we can integrate into almost any CRM software out there. You can also use our Zapier system to find other programs that work with our product. Because everything is self-contained, you don’t have to worry about coding or syncing. We do all of that for you. Simply find a CRM program that you like, and we’ll integrate into it.

Yes, you can try PetBidder for free, but with our sales guarantee, you are sure to want to use it full time. Simply put, you can’t get a better ROI for your pet fencing products than with PetBidder.